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Orchard Labs Inc. is a Canadian e-commerce company that buys and sells used smartphones across North America. The company develops and operates the Orchard mobile app, which allows consumers with iPhones to test, price, and register their iPhone for sale. Orchard then provides these iPhones for sale on its website. In 2015, Orchard launched a partnership with Public Mobile to supply the Canadian wireless carrier's customers with refurbished smartphones.

An unhappy customer shard this on her facebook, "Orchard is a big NO-NO if you are a PROFESSIONAL of any sort, and require a reliable device. Two devices I purchased had been Frankensteined together from spare parts, rather hopefully, but more to the point rather inexpertly, as it happened twice. I work hard for my clients and I expect to receive at least a bare minimum of service when I'm in a market. Orchard's customer service is what you'd expect from an unmanaged team. I found the staff simultaneously introverted and irritated having to deal with a live person. Doubly so when I started asking questions about the phone I was interested in. DON'T bring your elderly mother, they won't offer her a seat, and they may sulk and sigh at you (as they did at me), apparently for bringing an alien being into such a hip establishment. This company put me off both alternate cell phone markets and collaborative work spaces. They had every opportunity to deal professionally, plenty of motive to do so, but the joint just comes off as another "I'm hanging out in my friend's basement" sort of operation."


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Marissa Heitman says

"Our experience with this company started out wonderfully and we were honestly wondering why more people did not use this service. Problems began when they went to list our home.

We were told initially that our home would be cleaned prior to listing, and that we only needed to leave it in 'broom-swept' condition. Great, we did that. Then we look at our listing on all of the realty sites and we see that in all of the pictures our carpets were never cleaned so they looked dirty and were remarked upon by many potential buyers. We contacted our home advisor Stacey Ro and she told us they do not clean carpets. Again, I reiterate that she told us that we only had to leave it broom swept and that was it. We own a carpet cleaner and would have gladly cleaned it had we known we needed to, but we left it up to them.

Things seemed fine after that until the actual sales process. I warn you that if your buyer decides to use their own closing attorney instead of the one that Orchard suggests, you are in for a headache. The closing attorney refused to send the proceeds via wire to us, as (to them) we were a completely unrelated third party since Orchard clearly did not accurately and adequately explain this to them. With the rampant amount of wire fraud, I do not blame the closing attorney one bit. Due to this, closing was delayed, and yet we received not one word this until we text our advisor that EVENING and she let us know what was going on. Clearly, had we not contacted her, we may not have known at all until who knows when.

Closing was then moved to Friday. It was successful then. We were wondering how we were going to receive our money, and once again Stacey told us (on a call that we recorded, mind you) that they were literally overnighting the funds that night. Being Friday, we knew we wouldn't get the money until Monday. Fine. Monday rolls along. No money. We contact Stacey again and she tells us she will contact the department the next morning. Obviously the 'check going out on Friday' was a lie. Today, Tuesday, we start calling and trying to figure out where our money is as it seems to just be floating out in the ether somewhere. The law office has no clue what is going on, and Stacey is now saying she has the information... but would prefer for us to talk to her sales manager.. who is not available until hours later. Excuse me, but this is a large sum of funds and you are not wanting to tell me where it is? That is absolutely unacceptable. If they did nothing wrong they should have been able to simply tell us where the money is. Finally we were able to receive a tracking number for the check and it revealed that it had not even been shipped yet. We are supposed to be receiving it tomorrow but at this point I will be shocked if anything involving this company could go correctly.

This is a great idea for a company and we really liked it initially but the lack of communication and the lack of anyone taking responsibility for literally anything has soured the entire experience."

bob zadinski says

"The most dishonest flipping company I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. They pulled out every dishonest trick in the book, from modifying HVAC and electrical components to pass inspection without working, turning off water supply to hide plumbing issues, and using PAINTERS CAULK to hide gaps in grout and black mold in the bathrooms.

I recommend no one buy a property from this company, or if you do, ensure that you write into the paperwork so that you are legally covered by the time you get to actually spend time inspecting various components and systems. Ultimately, we feel exploited by this company and will file a BBB complaint to accompany this review.

Additionally, research will show that Orchard is just a new name for a flipping startup based out of Texas that has been around for a few years. No honest company would need to try and rebrand to hide their tracks like this. Because of our experience and the accompanying reviews, I also believe they are paying for reviews or astroturfing through some other means. STAY AWAY.

edit: Since originally posting this review I did some thinking about how this could have been a contractor issue since the company is not based locally. Either way, the fact that they did not follow up on the work done lends to a continued one star review and a warning to stay away. There are so many other companies out there, it's just not worth taking the risk with Orchard."

Dane Carter says

"Represented a buyer on a Perch listing here in TX. Extremely poor communication, especially from Perch Title. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional Realtor if you’re planning to sell your home. If you go the easy cheap route you get exactly that, cheap service and poor results. After dealing with what my client and I just went through, there’s no way in HELL I’d ever allow Perch to help me sell a house."

thomas mcmahon says

"DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY! They knew I had another offer on the table when they GUARANTEED to buy my house for more money, then after the inspection said they were backing out because the age of the pipes! THEY KNEW THE AGE OF THE HOUSE WHEN THEY MADE THE OFFER, IT WAS JUST AN EXCUSE TO GET OUT OF THE DEAL. DO NOT TRUST THEM!"

Michelle Drake says

"Perch is a terrible company to purchase a home from. I bought my house in August 2019. Part of the repairs included foundation work. They hired a company to do this. As a result, the back patio was damaged. I called them to fix this, and they did. While repairing the patio, they damaged the water sprinkling system. I had to call someone to come fix this, and they did. Since the foundation work, addition repairs have sprung up, including cracks from an outlet, windows, and damage to the bathtub faucet. They won't do anything to repair these, even though they resulted from foundation work. Regarding the patio and water sprinkler system along with the foundation, it's ridiculous that I have to point this out to Perch, and tell them how to do their jobs. If you're going to make money from people, you need to take of renovations properly, rather than waiting for them to point these out to you. There was clearly no one looking over the renovation of my house. (Their agent was out in New York). Greedy, sloppy, lazy company with no integrity. Perch deserves to go under."

Lindsay says

"The person I spoke with was nice, however they changed their offer, decreasing the price significantly even though the inspection went well and had low repair cost estimates due to good condition of our home. The reason for the sudden $16k drop was not explained. We were able to cancel the sale. Disappointed."

Jeremy Seeton says

"You pay for no having to list that’s for sure! I was quoted with 16k in repairs that were cosmetic. They pick you apart to low bid you. Will be filing formal complaint with TREC on the inspection as well."

Kay Lyn Euckert says

"We recently used Orchard Denver to sell our house and buy a new one. We are very impressed at the Orchard concept, and it did help us with the hot Denver market. But we were very unimpressed with our realtor (Orchard assigns you a realtor, you can't choose). Not only was she not helpful, we often had to explain things to her when she was confused and tell her she was wrong several times. Luckily we are experienced with buying and selling houses, so she was merely annoying. But if we hadn't had previous knowledge she would have actually been a hindrance."

CArrie Tilton says

"We contacted Perch to get an offer on our home. They came back with an offer in 24 hours but they had to do an inspection of our house. We had three different companies come to our house for the inspection. I get a call from William the following day after all is completed. He States that he has to lower our original offer by $36,000 due to our house being backed by a busy Street and an electrical tower behind our fence. There is a comparable house on the same side of the street that sold for much higher than he offered. Don't waste your time with Perch. They will back out of their first offer they give you stating this and that."


"I can't express enough how happy I was to know there is an alternate way for people to sell and buy a home without the headache of the traditional nightmare! This is a genius concept which will benefit sellers and buyers for a long time to come.

The two issues I had with Orchard was my realtor didn't understand what I wanted, so I had to do my own search, which was stressful cause I work full time.

The other issue was loan officer appointed by Orchard was very inexperienced and made it very stressful with closing on my new home.

I would use Orchard again, but I would make sure to address issues like I encountered up front"

Daryl says

"The advertising regarding this company was a little deceiving to me. The main claim is that they can make you a non-contingent buyer by selling your home after you buy. While this is true, there are some significant aspects of their process that I don't like.

First, when you meet an home advisor in your home, they provide a presentation of what service they provide. Meanwhile, about 4 other individuals are roaming your home to come up with a valuation, so it makes it difficult to really give 100% attention to the presentation.

Second, it seemed like a very high pressure deal. I felt extremely pressured to sign an Exclusive Right to Buy and Sell agreement immediately after the presentation. Did not even have Orchard's offer yet (Guaranteed Sale Price they call it). The idea behind signing it first is to allow the home advisor to represent you as a seller's agent to negotiate the guaranteed sale price with Orchard Investments which is a separate branch of Orchard from Orchard Brokerage which is who the home advisor works for. There is a provision in the contract to allow you to cancel at any time. (Made sure to check and double check this on both contracts) I was told all that was required to cancel was a brief email stating as such.

The next issue I had were the fees. They are up front that it is a straight 6% fee for the buyer and seller's agents. What I don't like is there is no negotiation. Buyer's agent requires 2.8%, that I understand due to the fact that buyer's agents will not show your house to buyers if it is lower than that. In a hot market, I do not believe a 3.2% fee is warranted for a seller's agent. However, absolutely no negotiation is allowed on this fee.

There is another fee that I could not accept regarding the escrow for HOA, Utilities, and Taxes. First, this number was haphazardly calculated and was estimated at $4800! HOA fees and Taxes are public record, so it would have been easy to gather this information. Utilities could be estimated. My calculations would have put it at around $1600 for 120 days. Regardless, this number was the least of my concerns. My issue is having to pay it in the first place. You sell your home to Orchard up front, so you can get money to put down on a home. Then you buy your new home. Next, Orchard puts your home on the market which apparently you have control over the decisions. This is their justification for the escrow. You are living in another home and paying HOA dues, taxes, and utilities, but you are required to pay all of this why Orchard is selling your home for up to 120 days. I claimed there is no incentive to selling quickly. They claimed that reviews can hurt them, so that is their incentive. Technically, Orchard owns the title on your home, but you are still responsible for everything leading up to the sale of the home to a third-party. Anything that needs to be fixed resulting from an inspection and the HOA dues, taxes, and utilities.

Finally, the last fee that was an issue was the Seller's Belongings left behind fee. $1000 for whatever they claim is Seller's Belongings left behind. A very subjective fee that is not explicitly laid out as to what constitues belongings left behind. They could claim that paint cans that match the home colors fits this criteria. They could claim curtains meet this criteria. They claim that they won't say anything about a tiny bit of trash that is easily thrown away, but there is no guarantee other than trust. Again they claim that it would hurt their reviews, but not a huge incentive in my opinion.

I initially signed the contract knowing I could cancel with an email. About 2 days later, I received an email from the home advisor with the Guaranteed Sale Price. This was 94% of the suggested list price which I understood would happen ahead of time. When you see all of the fees that are removed, you will see that a ton of your equity is gone right off the bat. When the home sells to a third-party, I would receive the final 6%. Between not having all of the equity in the home unlocked and all of the extensive fees removed from my proceeds, we did not have what we wanted to put down on a new home. I sent and email to the home advisor to cancel thoroughly explaining our reasons for cancelling. I thought that would be the end once we received a confirmation. This resulted in a rather contentious 40 min phone call with the home advisor trying to keep us. Basically reminded me of a telemarketer that would not accept 'No' for an answer. It was contentious, but not to the point that we did not part on amicable terms.

In summary, Orchard is probably good for people who need to 'sell' immediately to find a new home, but not for people who want to maximize the proceeds they receive from the sale of their home. In a hot market like Denver, you may be better off sticking to the traditional sale of your home."

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